Under $1500

Computer Generated Imagery is a very efficient method of creating a clean, classy and stylish commercial for a client. In a number of cases a client's product or service won't read well on a television screen without a great deal of treatment and cost. CGI can deliver an end result on brand, without tarnishing the credibility or customers perception.

The 3 examples above all utilse CGI Motion Graphics and fall under the $1500 banner, JK Bathroom and Kitchen Centre already had a jingle from previous radio campaigns as well as product shot stills from catalogues. TGI Fridays had a global bank of footage and jingle that we could use and Coalition Brands had stock footage of skiing and outlet images making the production cost very low.

In all of the above cases, creative development and scripting, voice over recording and licensing, editing and motion graphics design, music licensing and CAD approval were included in cost.