3D Animation

Over the years a number of our clients have had a brand mascot that has required animation. 3D animation can be an expensive process and adds another layer of cost. Before animation can begin there is a rigging and setup component that falls in the $3K area, this allows the finished rigged 3D model to move (essentially its like adding the biomechanics to the mascot). If the commercial is fully animated (30 seconds), we do away with the need for camera crews and add the animator, which should come out around the same cost as a live vision commercial depending on the complexity. Dodo, the character, spoke and the voice over agency charged a loading for a character voice for every creative execution. The animation process took a little longer to achieve lip sync, which also added to the overall cost. As a base, our costs included, creative development and scripting, producing , voice over recording and licensing, editing, music licensing and CAD approval.

Occasionally the Dodo character was integrated with live vision and as you can imagine it doubles the cost. Live vision crew and 3D animation also takes time, and so turn around is also slower. The Dodo 'No limits' TVC cost approximately $70K

The second Dodo example above given the jingle already existed, cost approximately $10K which included audio post production to ensure the soundtrack had impact on air.