Social Media

There has been a trend for higher quality unique client content on social media, and so we use professional camera crews to achieve these outcomes. The cost for social media content can again vary depending on what's required, if it's simply gathering footage and cutting it into snippets the cost can start from $5k giving a social media poster months worth of material depending on post frequency and how visual or dynamic the product or service.

The clips above are no different to elements required for a corporate video. The QV clip filmed over one long day, had a large production crew with the need for talent and multiple locations which carried the bulk of the cost. The editing and motion graphics components were minimal by comparison. The Thermoskin instructional videos were designed to help consumers source and fit the right product. The key element was the technical script writing to confirm accuracy. We filmed 7 in one day and the cost was approximately $15K.

With all the video media channels available there is always a key question we need to ask a client - 'What is the budget?' For accuracy we need to price on application however we can always scale up or down.