Bigger Budget

When we talk media spend versus production cost, there is another consideration, the production cost is one off and the media costs are ongoing campaign by campaign. A great branding ad can last for a very long time so it's all relative to what a client should spend.

Big budget ads have all the bells and whistles so we have pre days where we pay the crew to look at the job in the days and weeks leading up to the shoot so they are prepared. We need casting directors to source the right talent, we need location scouts to find the best locations, we need our art department team to source and make props and we need our production team to be technically and creatively ready. Generally this scale of work draws on crew who come from longer form like feature films, and so we throw more crew at the job to ensure that we are faster because moving this size production is like moving an elephant. When it come to post production, this also draws all the extras, colour grading all the footage, creation of the soundtrack and score, editing and audio post production.

The Beat Home Loans and Voltaren commercails were in excess of $100K each.